WoLoSoft Raduga is a program for automating broadcasts
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WoLoSoft Raduga is a program for automating broadcasts.
It's primarily targeted to be useful on radio stations, but it can also be used in any place where users have to play a list of songs, such as a shop, a private party or a club.

Through the Raduga's simple interface, you can build a list of themes to play just by dragging any kind of audio file from any drive and folder and dropping it into the list. You can alter the order of the themes as you like. When you're done, a click on the Play button will begin the playing. The songs will be played one after the other, with no silence between them. The interface will show you the last played theme, the theme that's being played, the remaining time for that theme and the next theme's name. You can insert events into the playlist, giving them different frequencies or specifying the time of launching them. You can then start another process or make the program play another file, like the station identification, a news flash or the weather forecast.

The demo version of WoLoSoft Raduga doesn't allow to save any personal preferences. It also inserts an advertising from Raduga to be played periodically.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It's very easy to use
  • It allows you to prepare a broadcast with just a few clicks


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